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Corey Shuman

Indoor Percussion Composer

Cory Shuman (b. February 19th, 1985 in Savannah, Georgia,) is an active performing artist, composer, and clinicianist in the Southeast United States. Cory currently performs for several Christian artists and is a percussion consultant for several school districts in Georgia. When in Savannah, Cory teaches percussion lessons to many students in the Georgia area, also teaching lessons to several students nationwide via Skype.


“I come from a very artistic family, who has supported me through my life. I went to school for Music Education. I love marching percussion and have always wanted to continue to be a part of the activity. While performing professionally I learned a lot about producing and using tracks live. I have recently been posted under professional reviews for the product TapSpace Virtual Drumline 2.5 after having used it in a live setting. I have always had a passion for writing marching percussion and wanted to fuse drumset performance and marching percussion together. I produced mallet and drums percussion parts through Finale Notation software and Logic Pro software to play live. Essentially that gave me the opportunity to share both of my passions with people, live playing and creative writing.”


Cory currently works as a touring artist and teaches percussion with the South Effingham School district. He has been a member of WGI and the Pasic Percussion Arts Society. He has consulted for Atlanta Quest and the Georgia Southern University Southern Pride Drumline and was one the creative writers for the award winning South Effingham High School Marching Mustang show “The Heist” which received the highest scores in every caption in the Georgia Marching Band Series. Cory is continuing his education both collegiately and through the many professional drumset artists.

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