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Indoor Percussion




What advantage is there to custom written indoor percussion staging?

Custom written drill and staging provide many advantages over stock, adaptable designs. First and foremost, custom staging fits your ensemble’s numbers precisely. This saves a considerable amount of time and headache in the teaching process. We tailor to your group’s specific needs regarding demand, length of phrase, staging, integration and step-size etc. Drill is far easier to clean and quite frankly, may be written to give your production much more excitement and effect. In general, ensembles who use customized staging find that they are much more successful in the competitive arena. It isn’t even close….


What is the difference between drill design and staging?

Nothing at all! We just call it staging because we believe this is a more appropriate term for indoor percussion. You still receive drill charts, just like in marching band.


Can you tailor your drill charts to fit my floor size?

Yes! Our standard size is 50×70, however this can be modified to fit your ensemble’s needs.


How is pricing determined?

The price of drill design is determined on a case-by-case basis. Factors include overall size, integration requests, specific needs and total length of each production. Typically our fee averages somewhere between $500 and $1,100. Every program is different. We prefer to speak with you directly before determining an exact cost.


Can you integrate props in the drill?

Of course! Just give us the size and preferred placement of the object(s) and we will write them into our design. We are also able to move the props during performance if you find that this is needed.


How soon do you need materials to begin writing?

The sooner we can receive your materials, the faster we are able to turn your show back around to you. We don’t want to keep you waiting!


How long does my show take to be written?

Our timeline varies depending on volume. Typical turnaround time for an entire show is about 1-2 weeks. However, you will almost always receive your design in smaller “chunks”, allowing you to teach while we are still writing. In November or early December, the turnaround time will be less. We will communicate this to you prior. We have NEVER kept an ensemble waiting to teach drill.


I have many specific drill requests. Can you customize the show to meet them?

Yes. Our job is ultimately to give you exactly what you want. We will do our best to cater to your specific design requests.

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