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Our Process

Tailor-Made Shows: Attention to Every Detail

Designing a completely original marching band, indoor percussion or winter guard show is a somewhat lengthy process. The first step is contacting us about writing your show. Be ready for a fairly extended (about 20 minutes) conversation about your program, where it currently stands, and what your goals are for the upcoming season. The overwhelming majority of clients contact us because they are looking for a significant improvement in the quality of their fall or winter program. Our goal is to meet you where you are and continue moving you forward.


Regardless of whether we are commissioning a new show for you, or you are purchasing an existing one, we want to tailor the show to meet your specific needs. This means that if you need parts added, range adjusted, cuts made, or virtually anything else you desire, we want to provide you with this.


The process is exactly the same for drill design. We want to question you about demand, lengths of phrases, integration, equipment, step size, and many other variables. The ultimate goal here is to give you what you need to be successful. If possible, we would like to see a video of your previous year so we can know where you are coming from.


The actual time it takes to design your show varies depending on the time of year. Both drill and music take around 2 weeks, start to finish. This timeframe may be shorter depending on volume and time of year. However, you will start receiving materials much sooner than 2 weeks! For example, if we are writing drill for your marching band, we won’t send you the entire show at once. A few days into the process, we typically send you the opener, let you look at it, then go from there. This way you can go ahead and start teaching.


The design process is not simply over upon completion of the show. We are available for your entire competitive season, in the event that you need adjustments in your design, or simply have questions on how a musical phrase works, or even how to teach a specific drill move. We make ourselves available to you, anytime you need us.

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