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What Others Are Saying About Us


  • These are probably the best young designers in the country. 

     - Timothy Scott - Band Director


  • Awesome drill.  It has definitely worked wonders for our visual program 

     - Todd Wilson - Band Director


  • Absolutely, very good design. Wow! My hat goes off to your designers. Especially at the end. The energy and velocity was amazing. I thought the flow and pacing of the overall performance was very good. 

     - Adjudicator


  • The music is phenomenal!!! Stan did a great job. If offers great style changes and hit points, very well done. 

     - James Tau - Band Director


  • When I started teaching high school band I had very little experience working with marching band.  I knew even less about drill design and marching techniques.  Michael walked (or should I say marched) me through  my first season and helped me make things work.  He wrote exactly what I asked of him, made it clear for the students and me and even rewrote as my numbers grew.  I can’t say how happy I am with the experiences I have had with Michael Thomas and Countermotion.  He is a knowledgeable expert and is second to none. I have used him for the past 5 seasons and will continue for many more. 

     - Andrew Harwood - Band Director


  • Very skilled and experienced music composers and drill writers on the team. They are very passionate about their jobs and their creations. I wouldn't want anyone else to write my shows. ​

     - Rich Li - Student


  • You guys are great writers. Keep cranking out great stuff and you'll always have our business. It's not often to come across writing like this. Y'all are so creative its crazy. 

     - Chris Bryant - Band Director


  • Every band director in the southeast should be using you guys. 

     - Jessica Thomas -Band Director


  • Stan does an amazing job with all the music.  Being a composer myself, I always try to model my shows off of his.  In a way that I copy how he never leaves anything static.  Always moving dynamically.  Everyone should hire CounterMotion to write their shows!

     - Badyn Woodford - Student/Composer





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