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A Company Built on Success & Driven by Excellence


CounterMotion was formed in 2004 as strictly a drill design business. In the first year, the designers co-authored 2 shows, both receiving top caption placement in every marching band contest they competed in. In the following year, through simple word of mouth, 9 new band programs were contracted. All 9 saw drastic improvements in the overall quality of their marching band show designs. From these humble beginnings, and through extremely high quality designing and service, CounterMotion has experienced exponential growth, producing hundreds of successful fall and winter productions.


Today, CounterMotion boasts some of the activity’s strongest emerging designers as well as representing some of the most well-known and respected marching band, indoor percussion and winter guard programs in the country. From high schools and universities to drum corps and winter ensembles, our designers have taught, written for, and performed with some of the most prestigious ensembles in the country.


Come and join the success that is CounterMotion. We have improved the overall show quality of every single program we have written for.

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