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Winter Guard




What advantage is there to custom written winter guard music?

Imagine having the ability to produce a completely original winter guard show about whatever you want, performing music that has never even been heard before! All you have to do is pick the concept. With your insight, we can construct a show with the best tempos and effect points for your ensemble. We construct your music to maximize every single effect point! Stylistic changes in the music reflect instrument changes. Specific sounds represent specific color pallets, flags or performers. Our goal is to create the perfect soundtrack for your show! You also don’t have to worry about obtaining copyrights!


How collaborative is the process?

The process of writing your music is extremely collaborative. Our ultimate goal is to give you what you need to be successful. We want your insight!


What does the music sound like?

We typically do orchestral soundtracks. However, we have a huge library of percussion and vocal patches as well.


How much does music cost?

This really depends on what you want, and how much time it will take us to write the music and then mix it. Start to finish, the process usually takes us around 40 hours so you can expect it to run you somewhere around $1000.

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